Functional Personalized Nutrition: Every Body is Different. No one approach works for everyone.

I utilize the latest in functional nutrition including food sensitivities, intestinal health and permeability, inflammatory markers, hormone status and nutrigenomics. This gives me insight into what is going on in your body as well as what your genetic foundation has predetermined for you. I can understand your current digestive, hormonal and inflammatory status combined with your risks for certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies, detoxification concerns, risk for certain metabolic diseases and cancer along with what types of foods your body best responds to in terms of weight loss. Additionally, because I work from a holistic perspective, I also look at exercise and movement, stress management and coping and sleep habits and quality and your overall lifestyle and beliefs.

I believe that coaching is an important aspect of making successful and sustainable changes. We do not eat, sleep, exercise or live in a vacuum. Many factors come into play in our busy lives and I will work with you to keep you accountable, on tract and successful in making changes to improve your health.

Although I reside in Toronto, Canada I work with clients all over North America. The lab tests I offer are available in the US and Canada and I do most of my coaching virtually, using telehealth applications as well as by phone. Contact me using the button below to get more information.


20-Minute Free Exploratory Phone Consultation

  • Call to discuss your goals
  • Learn more about what I do
  • See if we are a good fit

Personalized Weekly Meal Plans

  • includes breakfast, lunch & dinner for 7 days
  • all recipes are included
  • customized grocery list for each week
  • customized to your specific dietary needs, allergies, sensitivities and taste

Genetic Testing For Health Optimization

  • genetic test with AnantLife (saliva test)
  • full report on results
  • 1-hour in-person consultation to review results
  • nutrition & lifestyle plan based on your genetics
  • 2-week meal plan or recipe guide with recipes and grocery list
  • personalized supplement protocol
  • bi-monthly 30-minute follow-up coaching calls for 2 months       (=4 calls)


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Live Your Best Life Program

  • review of any existing health assessments (e.g. annual physical)
  • Biometric baseline testing including genetic test, food sensitivity panel, intestinal health test, inflammation test and hormone panel
  • detailed lifestyle and nutrition assessment
  • personalized lifestyle and nutrition action plan
  • personalized supplement protocol
  • weekly 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions for 6 months   (by telephone or virtual)
  • based on pillars of health: personalized nutrition, sleep, stress management, exercise, mental health, lifestyle philosophy

6-month program


Weight Loss Program

  • 1.5 hour initial consultation (in-person or virtual)
  • weekly 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions                         (by telephone or virtual)
  • weekly meal plan with recipes and grocery lists
  • health and lifestyle coaching to address all aspects of health (e.g. sleep, meditation, exercise, nutrition, mental health)
  • personalized supplement protocol
  • daily electronic food intake tracking & weigh-in

3 month program

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Corporate Executive Team Packages

  • customized packages for executive teams can include:
  • launch workshops (full-day or half-day) with fully catered meal
  • customized lifestyle and nutrition action plans for each team member based on full panel of biometric testing
  • weekly individual 30-minute one-one-one coaching sessions      (by telephone or virtual)
  • specific focus on travel & eating out (if applicable), stress management, biohacking for optimal energy
  • internal lifestyle competitions among teams (for motivation & support)

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