Tricia Kindree

Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach

I believe that ‘your health is your greatest wealth’ and my mission is to help people and organizations achieve optimal health and performance. I combine my passion for delicious and healthy food with my training and knowledge of kinesiology, health promotion and holistic nutrition to provide realistic, achievable advice so that my clients are empowered to make simple yet powerful changes to be and feel their best.

After suffering from digestive issues, chronic fatigue and declining health for several years, I was finally diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in my late 20’s. That started my own personal journey into holistic health. Ultimately, I ended up working with a holistic nutritionist who helped me determine my food sensitivities, nutritional imbalances and lifestyle habits that were negatively impacting my health. For 2 years, I used a modified diet, healing foods and supplements to ultimately cure my colitis. I have been in remission ever since and enjoy a healthy and happy life! This personal experience drives my passion for and belief in the healing powers of nutrition and lifestyle change.

I currently operate The Healthy Dish, providing multi-level support with health coaching, customized nutrition and weekly dietary cleanses that include superfood smoothies, juices and soups designed to support optimal health and detoxification. I utilize a multi-factorial approach that includes personalized nutrition advice, lifestyle modification, customized supplementation, and health coaching to help clients stay motivated, engaged and accountable so that they may achieve optimal health, energy, and vitality. I combine my expertise in health promotion and nutrition with leading-edge scientific tests, including food sensitivity testing, microbiome analysis and genetic testing, to help my clients achieve personal peak performance.

I believe that personalizing nutrition and working with a person’s unique lifestyle, needs and genetic make-up is critical to creating long-term change. I don’t recommend diets. I work with my clients to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. I take a balanced, holistic approach that considers the following:

  • Joy: I enjoy food and believe that food can be delicious and nourishing. We don’t need to deprive ourselves of the enjoyment of eating in order to be healthy.
  • Individuality:  We all have our unique genetic make-up and history that impacts what we eat and how we behave – what works for one person does not work for another. The key is to find best approach for you.
  • Empowerment: I believe that knowledge is power. In this ever-changing nutrition landscape, I will help you distinguish fact from fiction.
  • Accountability: Changing behaviour is challenging. But with the right support and motivation it can be done. My approach incorporates regular accountability and follow-up to support you to make long-lasting lifestyle change.

Everybody is unique. I can help you determine what your body needs to look, feel and be the best that you can be.

Yours in good health,

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